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Monday, April 5, 2010

Innocence lost or taken away?

The Easter holiday hits me harder than any other time—how is it that we go from loving the Easter bunny, adoring the cute chicks and ducks around springtime and then come to the point when these animals are seen as food, or in the case of rabbits, food and fur?

You see chicks, ducks and rabbits in a variety of forms: stuffed animals, greeting cards, candy, etc. And how is it that people, who choose to eat and exploit these animals (obviously, chickens and eggs more than the others), remain completely oblivious?

Maybe I shouldn’t be frustrated by it and maybe we should use it as an opportunity to talk to people about why we choose not to eat or exploit animals.

Since Easter and chocolate seem to go hand in hand, and most of the chocolate being sold is directly or indirectly connected to slavery, this issue is one that should also be mentioned.

Perhaps we should delight that Easter is a day when we recognize that these baby animals and eggs should be what we adore and not consume.

Maybe we should consider this to be a positive opportunity?

Thanks to Natasha & Mark and all of those who advocate for our bunny friends.

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