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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Whining about wine….

Ever get frustrated when you go to a vegan restaurant and find out they don’t serve alcohol? Well, I do. Okay, I am not a lush, but I am also an ethical vegan, which means health is typically not on the top of my list when I make choices about what I do and do not consume. (And no emails about me needing to eat healthier – I am working on it!)

But one reason (and a good one) that some stay away from wine is that it is not always vegan (website link). Obviously, Food Empowerment Project only promotes veganism, but we also do our best to make sure that those who pick the grapes are also treated well.

That is why we have just put up our list of vegan wines that have additionally been screened for other ethical issues.

Let me explain a bit about what we did (and will continue to do). We got our hands on a list of wines from, a wine importer that focuses not only on profit, but on people and the planet. We then had a wonderful volunteer who contacted each of these wineries to find out which of their wines were veganthat is what's on our website. We also added the Black Eagle wine (the wine that benefits the United Farm Workers) and verified that their wine is also vegan.

Now, the list on our website is just the beginning. Our goal is to find more ethically produced wine that we can supportonce we find out which ones are vegan.

We really want to help those who care about all of these issues so that they can shop with their values.

If you know of any other lists of ethical wines, please contact us so that we can find out if they are vegan.

A big thanks to our volunteer Linda LaMar for all of her hard work on this!

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