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Friday, June 29, 2012

Blocked in China!

Recently an animal rights activist and supporter of Food Empowerment Project went to China to do some work for animals.

While there, she wanted to share with others the work we do at Food Empowerment Project. And well, she was surprised to find out that our website,, is blocked!

Now, as someone with a bit of a rebellious spirit – I admit, I felt a bit proud. Kind of like we are doing something that for some reason would upset the government in China.
  Not that I want to upset the government in China (to some extent in the US we are no better when it comes to issues that concern me, like workers’ rights), but wow – it felt a little bit cool that they were paying attention to us.

But as an advocate, I was bummed that our message would not be reaching people with whom it might truly resonate and help. We want to help them understand the power of their food choices and why they need to stop the animal agriculture and fast food industries from taking over. We want them to know how indigenous people in Bolivia fought against water privatization and won, and how the US, like China, needs to take the rights of workers seriously. And if our message led them to boycott Coke and GMO products and helped them go vegan, we’d be thrilled!

I asked if she would look up some other animal websites to see if they were blocked – groups like Farm Sanctuary were not. So it must not be the farmed animal issues…

However, our other website,, was also blocked! Now that one I am not sure about – perhaps it’s the word “cruelty-free”?

Anyhow, if you have ideas about why F.E.P. and our recipes are being censored – let us know!

Thanks to A. Gung for letting us know and for her work for the animals, here and abroad.

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