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Monday, November 11, 2013

No more Luv for Southwest Airlines: Whales are not free to move about in the oceans

Being a Native Texan, I grew up with Southwest Airlines and have always felt a sense of pride about an airline that tried to keep their rates low so everyone could fly and yet not sacrifice their very Texas-friendly service.

Unfortunately, my luv for Southwest Airlines is no more.

Until Southwest cuts its association with SeaWorld, I am cutting my credit card and will knowingly lose my miles, as I am a frequent flyer.*

But that is a very small price to pay for all of the animals who SeaWorld holds captive in their parks.

In their November 5, 2013, response to my email, they stated: “We have a longstanding relationship with SeaWorld that is based on travel and bringing families together.”

Hmm…anyone else see the huge irony in that statement?

1. Whales, dolphins, sharks and pretty much all of the animals held captive by SeaWorld would normally have the freedom to travel amid vast oceans—orcas, for example, may swim 100 miles in a single day. And yet, at SeaWorld, they are living in tanks, restricted to swimming in tiny circles.

2. Bringing families together? One of the most heartbreaking things about how we treat animals is the disconnect we have about their families and what they mean to them. One of the most powerful scenes in the documentary Blackfish is when the young orcas are taken from their pods by the captive industry, and the mothers are crying, screaming -- whatever you want to call it -- calling as loudly as they could for their babies, whom they believed could hear them underwater, not realizing that they were being flown somewhere else.

Southwest Airlines, here’s a new idea: why not take a stand for families by ending your relationship with SeaWorld?

For now, I will only use my Sea Shepherd credit card.

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